Livre “Le terroir et le vigneron” GB

Livre “Le terroir et le vigneron” GB

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Terroir et the winegrower
Jacky Rigaux

Varietal wines or terroir wines ? Brand wines or appellation wines ? Commercial wines or culturals wines ? In these times of globalization, of the expansion of vineyards almost all over the world, of crisis in the wine industry, of fiercer and fiercer competition, it is necessary to reflect on the values that have always accompanied the creation of a wine and its enjoyment. The notion of terroir, often challenged today, is one of these values, as are the good practises that serve this notion. With their extraordinary diversity of expression, terroir wines charm the wine lover and extend a certain art of living in the face of a flood of technical, arita and brand wines that resemble one another all over the world. Followers or admirers of Henri Jayer, known as the “pope of winegrowers”, the fifty or so winegrowers that contributed to this look enjoy meeting every year of the international Henri jayer gathering : Winegrowers, Gourmets and Terroirs of the World. To the wine lovers that will read this book, they offer their reflections on the complex reality of viticulture terroir, the foundation for the appreciation of their wines, wines that bring out the music in the terroirs of the world.