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Trained by the Compagnons Du Devoir, winner of the competition "one of the best workers in France", with over 30 years of experience, Fabien Mougenot is a reference in stone cutting. At the service of individuals wishing to renovate or improve their heritage, he works daily to fit out the interiors and exteriors of homes (walls, vaults, openings, stairs).
This artisan stonemason is a building professional, a distant heir to the builders of cathedrals. Patient, passionate, meticulous and persistent, he is the guardian of an ancestral know-how that respects traditions
Skilled with his hands, the stone cutter has a precise and sure gesture. During his training, he studied the different architectural styles and acquired basic knowledge of art history. Thanks to geology, he knows the characteristics of the stones to be used in his works.


Tailleur de pierre, Fabien Mougenot
ZA la petite champagne
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