Admire the view!
Do you want to capture your trip to Côte de Nuits in pictures and take home memories of the most stunning scenery? The Tourist Office has prepared a list of our most iconic vantage points.
Aiguillon de Chamboeuf

Leave from the car park, go through the tunnel through the rock, leading from Gevrey-Chambertin towards Chamboeuf, and walk for a few minutes along the Bernard Quarteaux trail... You will come upon a spectacular panoramic view of the Combe Lavaux and the Jean Roland National Nature Reserve.


High up in the village, you will enjoy a fine bird’s-eye view over the countryside and the valley between Villars-Fontaine and Arcenant.


Admire the Hautes-Côtes landscapes with their woods and bocages, springs and valleys.


After visiting Parc Noisot in Fixin, head back to Brochon on the little road that overlooks the vineyard and these two villages.


Look down over the village at the grand cru vineyards from this viewpoint, which is a favourite of hikers. The viewpoint indicator will help you appreciate the landscape from different perspectives.


Just before you visit the Abbey of Cîteaux, arriving at Noiron-sous-Gevrey on the D996, you will cross the little bridge spanning the Varaude River. Stop in the car park on your left to see the Aqueduct Bridge of the Arvaux, an engineering masterpiece dating back to the 13th century.


On the road to Chaux, not far from Château Gris, stop at this vantage point in the Nuits-Saint-Georges vineyard and survey the vineyards, the town and, further out, the plain. Use the viewpoint indicator to identify the different landmarks and landscapes.


Standing on the hilltop, on the site of the old fortress, you will enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the surrounding countryside. Use the viewpoint indicator to pick out the main features of the landscape.